About us

The history of our association:

The “STEA” association was founded in 2004 by a group of Romanian and French students. Its founders were previously members of the French association “STEA FRANCE ”. They have developed a lot of volunteering activities in 1999-2004: a wide range of projects in different Foster care centers or projects for homeless children of Satu Mare county.

Considering the fact that the French volunteers were real role models, the Romanian ones have become more and more involved in “STEA FRANCE”. This is a reason why there was a need to create an official Romanian association similar to the French one. Until 2005, the “STEA” association has been working exclusively based on volunteering activities.

September 2005 is the moment when the first labor contracts are signed and when our association is reorganised based on professional grounds.  Three professionals are hired, two of them having a lot of working experience with street children from Bucharest.

Between 2005 and 2007 our association improves organizationally, signs partnerships and seeks local and national recognition. We are proud of the quality of our services and the results obtained working with street children from Satu Mare and succeeding, through a pilot project, in opening the first social apartment that made it possible for 6 children and young people to fit in, socially and professionally.

In the summer of 2007 Popica Onlus and Stea Association meet for the first time, with the desire of working on a mutual project for defeating the phenomenon of street children from Satu Mare: StradAlternativa Project.

In April 2008, while the associations were working on building this project, they signed an agreement of co-financing an existing project called “Protected home- A bridge to an independent live” in Satu Mare.

After the round table organised by the French association Solidarite Enfance Roumanie at Satu Mare, where there were the organisations and institutions with activity in the social domain, the project StradAlternativa was selected by the French association in November 2008, proposing Saint Louis de Gonzague Home for hosting the protected home, and also the opening of a day care centre for the street children and youngsters.

On the 31st of March 2009, after 4 months of common work the Stea Association, Popica Onlus and Solidarite Enfance  Roumanie become the promoters of the project StradAlternativa signing "the convention regarding the project StradAlternativa" making possible the running of project in april 2009 for 5 years long.

In march-august 2009, the StradAlternativa benefits a co-financiation from the dutch foundations such as Cooperating Netherlands Foundations for Central And Eastern Europe (CNF-CEE), 33057 euros beeing used for renovation and modernising the building that works as a household and day centre and so improving the standards of quality up to the ones imposed by the romanian laws in the domain of social services.

 In August 2009 we open a day center and Stea Association signs a financing contract with the French Association Croire Que Tout Est Possible, within the StradAlternativa Project. The French Association supports Star Association since 2006.

In December 2009 the Local Council from Satu Mare decides to support financially the expenses of the building in which Star Association has its headquarters, during the activity of StradAlternativa Project.

Between 2010 and 2011, within the day centre that runs through StradAlternativa project, the project “Occupational Studio for supporting the inclusion of street children and youngsters” has started, financed by Soros Romania Foundation. Within this project, a group of 64 children and youngsters from Satu Mare, with ages between 7 and 35 years old benefited from social, educational and medical services structured on four main domains: hygiene, health and reduction of the risks of sexual transmitting diseases and Hepatitis B; teaching them the three R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic); developing of the skills regarding the integration in the workforce and creating professional skills in making wattles and other trades.


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